Time Warner Cable might just be the worst corporate outfit in the country.
Nay, the world.

J and I have a cable internet connection that used to be bundled with a basic cable package. After spending a couple of weekends with J firmly planted on the couch during an ‘America’s Next Top Model’ marathon, I realized that I would prefer to be dipped in chocolate and pushed from a helicopter hovering over one of those fat kid camps than have to listen to that show in the background. That being said, I would rather enjoy the irony of landing on Tyra Banks as she gives a pep talk about Bulemia. Yes, I hate the show that much.
But I digress.

Veiling my intentions to cut her off from watching a bunch of bone-thin girls kick and squeal their way into the spotlight as an attempt to save money on monthly bills, J and I eventually canceled our basic cable package while maintaining our internet service. This worked out perfectly until about two weeks ago when our internet completely cut out.

To make a long story short, after a half-hour session spent mostly on hold listening to Time Warner Cable advertisements and two house visits from different technicians, I was given the opportunity to record a customer service survey message – and I took full advantage of it. Within ten hours, I had another technician knocking on my door to tell me that they’d fixed the problem and that whoever originally cut off our basic cable had never really filtered our connection and that we now have free basic cable.

But why am I giving you all of this backstory? What do you care about the drama I’ve had with Time Warner Cable? Well, in the time since J and I canceled our one connection to the world of anemic platinum blondes and their shallow interest in being splattered on various highway billboards across the midwest, we’ve grown to rather enjoy living without basic cable. Now we get films and television shows in the mail via our Netflix queue and, more recently, we’ve figured out how to stream Hulu.com television shows to our TV. And I just want to tell you how.

First, you’ll need an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3. It’s expensive up front, I know, but consider it an investment in sedentary living. Second, you’ll need a router with an high speed internet connection. Finally, you’ll need a computer with MediaMall Technologies latest version of ‘PlayOn!,’ a fancy little program that functions as an intercessor between your television and the wonderful world of streaming internet TV.

If you’ve managed to make it this far, I’m sure you will intuitively know how to get things up and running. If not, there’s always instructions posted on their download site.

And if you’re one of those cretins who aren’t interested in television on demand, perhaps you shouldn’t be sitting here on the internet when there are broadcast and cable networks filled with shows like Dancing With The Stars and Flavor of Love that you could be sacrificing braincells for right now. As for me, I’ll save my braincells for something worth the sacrifice, like the episodes of Ghost Hunters I’ve queued up to watch before I go to bed.