I used to consider myself something of a political news junkie.  But as I’ve carefully watched the current election unfold on the national stage ever since Clinton and Obama started running (despite their denials of doing so at the time) back in 2004, I’m finding myself growing more and more cynical about the whole matter.
That being said, I’m a cynical guy as it is.  And you can bet that I don’t think very highly of either McCain or Obama.

So, as I type this, the final debate of the three scheduled presidential debates is playing out in the background and I can’t say that I’m that impressed with the performance of either candidate.  What really IS impressive, though, is the clarity that one of my favorite bloggers showed in his post following the last debate.

Ramit over at I Will Teach You To Be Rich, showed some serious clarity in his post, ‘The Truth: What Obama and McCain won’t tell you about your money’.  You should give it a look because, frankly, I’m in doubt about the possibility of either candidate providing many truths this evening.