Well, I’ve taken a short hiatus from posting because I felt that I needed to reconsider how this thing was going to work.  Throwing in a title as loaded as ‘the Life and Times of the Urban Frontiersman’ makes me feel like I probably should have started this blogging-project out with some kind of gameplan.
Sadly, that was not the case.

In the last few days, though, I’ve taken to considering the possible implications of such a title and feel that I should move forward with it. That being said, I began to review the potential topics that one might be expected to cover on a blog with such a clever title:

  • Voluntary Simplicity
    I moved away from the country and into the urban world several years ago, but it’s only recently that I’m realizing the simple workings of a more natural atmosphere make for the ideal lifestyle.  I’m slowly trying to adopt a more DIY attitude about everything and am looking forward to sharing it here.
  • Financial Independence
    The frontiersman was the very model of independence.  And, while we may not all be able to express our independence by shrugging off the urban lives we lead, learning to live unburdened by our finances might be the modern equivalent.  As we all survey a global economy that has been ravaged by the indentured servitude of the borrow-and-spend lifestyle the current generation seems so fond of, this is a virtue that I could certainly benefit by focusing on.
  • Current Events/Politics
    The mountain men of yore were known to spend those few occasions that they came down from their backwoods encampments and into the city drinking, debating, and whoring.  While I don’t necessarily spend much time whoring, I have been known to throw back a brew and wax philosophic on current events.  As painful as this might end up being for the casual reader, I also enjoy a good debate and would happily back down from my mindless drivel if you’d be willing to point me in the right direction.  Comments and corrections are always welcome.
  • Zombie Apocalypse Preparation
    Frontiersmen needed to be prepared for anything.  Now, I’m not a card carrying member of the Zombie Squad…yet.  But, all the same, I think it vital that we all prepare for the impending plague of the undead.  If there’s one thing that can cross racial, cultural, and spiritual divides, it’s a moving cadaver that hungers for your flesh.  I hope to make this blog a place where you can find hints and tricks vital for dealing with the undead.  Together, we can help save the human race from almost certain extinction.

And there you have it, folks – the Urban Frontiersman Manifesto.  I’ll try to keep my publishing schedule relatively regular as long as you are willing to stick around and continue reading my inane babbling.