I haven’t got much to write about today because I don’t want to overstate myself on all things political, yet it seems that all of my thoughts are focused on the election and the circumstances surrounding it.

Throughout all the campaigning being done, I always knew that I’d be avoiding submitting a vote for McCain, just based on my personal convictions about the man.  What I didn’t count on was being so unimpressed with his opponent.

When it came time for me to pull the lever for Obama, I couldn’t really bring myself to do it.  Call it cowardice, but in those last few seconds I knew I didn’t want to have a vote for Obama on my conscience any more than I did a McCain vote.  Instead, I went third party.

That being said, I’m going to leave you with a link to an excellent piece by Orson Scott Card.  Do yourself a favor and read the entire column – it’s relatively short, but to the point.  As for me, I find the last two paragraphs to be of particular import:

I don’t know how the election will come out, as I write this. But I do know that whoever wins, I’m prouder of my country than ever before, because a man with a black African-born father and a white American-born mother could seek and obtain a major party’s nomination, and run a campaign that was either victorious or very, very close to being so.

And no matter how it comes out, I’m not moving to Canada. I’ll be sticking around to keep on putting in my two cents’ worth — because that’s what you do in a democracy. When the votes — or the rules — go against you, you swallow hard and vow to work harder next time.