I arrived safely back on the West Coast only to discover that I’d brought with me some horrible third-world parasite that caused me to vomit half-digested food at velocities normally only appropriate for an industrial-strength sand blaster.  Most of my time since then has been spent between lounging on the couch watching History Channel specials featuring the Russian Empire and trying to catch up on all the ‘life’ that happened in my absence.
Sounds like fun, no?

So, I’ve resolved that 2009 is going to be a little more exciting for me than 2008 was. Granted, I watched the housing market tumble (taking the stock market with it), kicked off a new blog that I seem to have allowed to meander well beyond my original intended subject matter, saw an African American elected President, and was involved in the creation of the greatest music video ever produced – but where’s the real excitement?

In 2009, I plan on pushing my boundaries a little more. As cliche as that sounds when I read it back to myself, I’m going to post it anyway.
Now that’s what I’d call ‘pushing boundaries.’