After sacrificing my savings account and showering its innards all over the folks at, I spent Tuesday morning of last week deeply torn between two of my guiltiest pleasures: computer hardware and politics.

Sitting there in my sweatpants on the couch, my palms were damp with sweat.  In one hand I held the television remote, diligently flipping through the inauguration coverage.  In the other I held a small box containing the computer processor that will define my digital landscape for the next three or four years.
You can imagine the kind of strain this might put on a man.

As I recall, while I attempted to secure the motherboard to the inside of the computer case I became a little nautious.  Looking back, I’m not sure if this was because of my concern that I’d screwed the thing in too tight or if it was because of the girlish squeals coming from the MSNBC moderators as they abandoned any hope I ever had of them providing objective coverage of the administration in the next four years.

By the time that Barack Obama was officially sworn in, I had my brand new black computer tower pieced back together – standing triumphant and proud atop the living room coffee table.  Talk about ‘change you can believe in.’

In the meantime, I have yet to take down my Christmas tree, classes have started again, my dog needs a walk, and I’ve been too busy enjoying Fallout 3 on my computer to make any updates recently. I’m suddently realizing that I need to readjust my priorities. Now.

For what it’s worth, that means I’m hoping to spend more time posting here again. Yes, I’m aware that I say that every time. And, yes, I never follow-up on it. But with all the optimism floating around out there these days, I figured I might as well say SOMETHING, right?